What is a REAL Witch? (and what isn’t!)

Basically speaking, a real witch is someone who practices witchcraft. This is, someone who uses the energy of the universe to manipulate it to create a desired outcome, usually done by spellwork. Spellwork includes all or some of: using words, herbs, colours, crystals. These correspondences are powerful and aid whatever spell you are trying to do. e.g a spell for self love would probably include a red candle, rose quartz and maybe some rose incense and essential oil to put on my body and write out a spell that spoke to what it was I was trying to do. The bulk of the magic comes from within you, while you visualise what you are doing with your spell.

Most witches have a deep connection with nature and see it as divine in some way. You can have witches from all sorts of different religions and even athiest witches. However, modern witches usually see nature as some kind of divine force.

Witchcraft can also be thought of as a kind of self programming. As well as manipulating the energies of the universe, the correspondences will alter your internal mindset. For example, with the self love spell, the repeating of the mantra along with the correspondences can change your internal thought processes on an unconscious level.

Some witches worship a mother earth figure, and some work with deity, e.g. Roman, Greek Norse, African deities. Some pick and choose between them, some work with a specific pantheon, some work with just one and some work with none. Some also work with animal archetypes, spirit guides, angel guides and ancestors.

Witchcraft and paganism gets mixed up. A pagan isn’t necessarily a witch, and a witch doesn’t have to be pagan, but they usually are. In a nutshell, witchcraft tends to be what you do and paganism tends to be what you believe, the tradition you follow, deities you worship and what is in your heart.

Now I will talk about what witches are not- we are not in any way evil. Now, in any group of people you will get ‘bad’ ones, but it is not an inherent quality of witches. Most of us just have baths with essential oils and repeat mantras to ourselves, it’s not that freaky.

It is nothing like you see in the movies, we are not delusional people who believe that you can wave a magic wand and because we were born a certain way someone will turn into a frog.

And the biggie- WE DON’T WORSHIP THE DEVIL. No witch I know even believes in the christian devil.

In my opinion, if you cast spells, you are a witch. However it is entirely up to you what you identify as, if you cast spells and don’t want to call yourself a witch that is completely fine, and if you don’t cast spells but you feel a deep connection to nature and feel that you are a witch, I am not the one to stop you from using the title, you do you, explore, and have fun.

Watch the YouTube video here:

R G Wood

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