Lets talk about ‘Happiness’

I find that within New-Age/ Witchy places, people are selling the goal of happiness, as if it is something that we should constantly be striving for and that if we do this, this and this, we will be happy, and everything will be great.

This is not how it works. There is ALWAYS going to be something else that we would like, most of us are never in a state where there is nothing we would like to achieve, nowhere we would like to go, or a new project to complete. But, the goal is to be content despite that, know that the only thing guaranteed in life is change, and come to terms with it.

Two years ago, I would have thought that in my current situation, I would be happy, over the moon. But I am dealing with mental health issues, and always will, and my physical health symptoms have flared up, meaning that my employment situation is critical. However, I am still choosing to be content, and to look on it as an opportunity no matter how difficult that might be. I have off days, hell, I’m having one now, but I think remaining in the knowledge that you can survive anything can help to take the weight off of your shoulders somewhat, as can letting go of the guilty feeling of not being constantly head-in-the-clouds, high-on-life ecstatic every waking moment.