Hagrid- Ground Yourself Spread

“No good sittin’ worryin’ abou’ it. What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”

-Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Welcome the Hagrid- Ground Yourself tarot reading! 

In this day and age, it is so easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that is being thrown our way, and the greater expectations of ourselves that come with this. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and reassess what is most important to us. Enter, Hagrid! In this spread we will be looking at your current situation, what you need to know, what really matters, what to let go, and asking the cards for some general advice on how we can become more grounded. Take advice from Hagrid and begin living a simpler life today! 

Upon Payment of your order, please send me a message to state whether you would like a video reading or a word document, and a paragraph explaining your current question or situation that I can help you with. If it is a non-specific reading, just a bit about yourself and your life is fine! Blessed be )0(

Hagrid is a notoriously grounded character, living in his quaint hut in the grounds of Hogwarts castle. He cares for animals and takes pleasure in the small things in life. He is fiercely loyal, and counts his blessings, despite having endured serious hardships. We can all stand to learn a lot from this big, immensely lovable character, and I have designed this spread to help you to do exactly that!