Arthurian Knights- Just DO IT! Career Spread

Lancelot’s son, the pure knight Sir Galahad, achieved the vision of God through the Grail as fully as is possible in this life.’


Welcome the Arthurian Knights- Just DO IT! Career spread

Careers can be tricky, whether you’re just starting on your career path, retraining, switching careers or starting your own business, it can be mind-boggling and sometimes it can get too much. I designed this spread to give clarity on business matters. This is not to give advice, that would be for a business/ financial adviser, but it is to offer a different perspective through which to look at your career, and highlight what you may need to focus on. In this spread, we will be assessing where you are now, looking at your career goals, assessing what first steps need to be taken, what you should bare in mind for the long term, how to look after yourself through all of this, and some general advice. Let the drive of the Arthurian Knights inspire you today! 

Upon Payment of your order, please send me a message to state whether you would like a video reading or a word document, and a paragraph explaining your current question or situation that I can help you with. If it is a non-specific reading, just a bit about yourself and your life is fine! Blessed be )0(

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The Knights of the Round Table are the knightly members of the legendary fellowship of the King Arthur in the literary cycle of the Matter of Britain, in which the first written record of them appears in the Roman de Brut written by the Norman poet Wace in 1155. In the Arthurian romance tradition, the Knights are an order in the service of Arthur, tasked with ensuring the peace of the kingdom and charged with leading the quest for the Holy Grail. The Round Table at which they met was supposed to represent the equality of all the members. Different stories presented different numbers of the Knights, ranging from only 12 to as many as 150 or more. – wiki