Morgan La Fey- Realise Your Magic Spread

“The Queen of Air and Darkness tilted back her head and laughed. A more ghastly sound I hope never to hear. ‘Do you think I care about these trifles?’

‘Murder is no trifle, woman,’ Arthur said. 

‘No? How many men have you killed, Great King? How many have you slain without cause? How many did you cut down that you might have spared? How many died because you in your battle-rage would not heed their pleas for mercy?’

The High King opened his mouth to speak, but could make no answer.” 

― Stephen R. Lawhead, Arthur

Welcome the Morgan Le Fay- Realise Your Magic Spread! 

I am so excited to share this one with you. It is all too easy to feel as though we haev no power in this world, that other people have stripped us of it, and the general day to day activities in the mundane realm aren’t always conducive to feeding your magic. I created this spread to give you back your magic, my dear. Together, we will explore your relationship with your magic, where it lies, how you can harness it, where to channel it, what keeps it from you, and ask Morgan Le Fay for her advice. 

You will receive a PDF with full colour photographs of your cards and approx 1500 word card analysis. or a video reading of no less than 20 minutes. Let the powerful magic of Morgan Le Fay enrich your life today! 
Upon Payment of your order, please send me a message to state whether you would like a video reading or a word document, and a paragraph explaining your current question or situation that I can help you with. If it is a non-specific reading, just a bit about yourself and your life is fine! Blessed be )0(

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Morgan Le Fay: popularly known as Arthurian sorceress, benevolent fairy, priestess, dark magician, enchantress, witch, sea goddess, shape-changer, healer, and the sole personage of Avalon the Isle of Apples, not to mention daughter of Ygerna (Igraine) and Gorlois, half-sister to King Arthur, mother of Mordred, lady-in-waiting to Guinevere, wife of Uriens, lover of Sir Accolon, fancier of Sir Lancelot, and ‘as fair a lady as any might be’. –

‘le Fay’ literally means ‘The fairy’ and links to Morgan’s role as enchantress and sorceress. She was revered and feared in Arthurian legend and in early literature was used as a warning to show what happens when women have access to unbridled power. However, in more recent years, Morgan Le Fay has been reclaimed as something of a feminist icon, showing the plight of a jaded woman, I personally work with Morgan Le Fay and in continuing to do so, I am hoping that I will realise the true potential of my power, and would like to extend this invitation to you, too!