Why Me?

I am young yet experienced, with a fresh take on the tarot. I like to use the cards to explore the light and the shadow, to give you a well-rounded reading. I am down to earth and encouraging, whilst still having a great reverence for the mysteries of the world. I am also an experienced and compassionate witch, so I can give you herb, crystal and spell or ritual recommendations to suit.

I am staunchly ethical, with a great focus on inclusivity within my practice and path. One reason for this is that I am mixed-race and disabled myself, which has led me to seek greater representation both for people like me, and under-represented groups that are not like me at all. The deck that I currently like using is the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.

Because of my ethics, you know that any money you pay to me will be paid forward to ethical, local and diverse people and small businesses.