Tarot Readings

What I Offer

Because my approach to tarot is so unique and tailored to the individual that I am reading for, I have simplified my approach to offerings. I am now going to offer four simple readings- a five minute one-card reading, a fifteen minute three card reading, a half an hour six card reading and and an hour long reading consisting of at least six cards, with multiple spreads and decks. Once you have sent me your question/ description of your situation, I will craft a spread that is suitable for you, and will send you a video recording of your reading straight to your inbox, so you can re-watch, pause and screenshot your reading as much as you like. When you have paid for your reading, please send an email to rosie@rgwoodwitch.com stating your name and any information you wish to give me pertaining to your situation, including what you would like help with. I do not read the future, although there are plenty of wonderful readers who do. I use the cards as a tool to work out the best course of action for you, to provide support on this tumultuous journey.

Click here to discover why I read tarot and my tarot style, and here to read about my experience, to see if we could be a good fit. Scroll down to see client reviews.

Book below via PayPal or contact me directly on rosie@rgwoodwitch.com if you would like to pay via bank transfer.

One Card Reading

This is ideal if you are wanting quick and snappy reading to gain clarity on a single issue. This is a punchy reading that will be best suited to answer a yes/no, or a very simple question. Upon payment, please send your question to rosie@rgwoodwitch.com.


15 Minute Reading

This reading is a step up from the one card reading. This reading is suitable if you have a specific question, but would like a bit more detail on how to navigate it. Three card spread examples are: 1 Situation, 2 Leave This Behind, 3 Take This With You, or Past, Present, Future. If you have a three card spread in mind, please include it in your email. If not, I will choose the spread which I deem the most suitable. Upon payment, please send your question either to rosie@rgwoodwitch.com.


30 Minute Reading

This reading goes into more detail, I will craft a spread suitable to your situation and pull cards at my altar space, working with the energies of the deck and the elements as I use my intuition to give you the answers that you seek. This reading is suitable if you are navigating a specific goal in your life, and would like help in moving forward. Upon payment, please send your question to rosie@rgwoodwitch.com.


60 Minute ‘Bells and Whistles’ Reading

With this reading, I will set aside a whole hour at the altar, meditating, lighting candles and communing with deity while pulling cards in order to help really get to the bottom of whatever it is you are having trouble with. With this reading option, I will lay multiple spreads and use multiple different tarot decks- all of which I will choose intuitively, and in line with your desires. This is the spread for you if you really wish to dig deep. It is not for the faint hearted, but I promise it will be rewarding and illuminating! I will include homework, and a free spell/ poem/ mantra for you to use which pertains to your situation. Upon payment, please send your question/s and a bit about your current situation to rosie@rgwoodwitch.com.


What my clients say: