Book Reviewer

I review books that pertain to the occult, witchcraft and magic. I particularly enjoy non-fiction centred around old European/ African diasporic ‘folk’ magic. I also enjoy fiction pertaining to deity, feminism and fantasy speculative fiction, If you have written a book and would like me to review it, please get in touch via my email address below.


I craft spells, blending folk and ceremonial magic with meditation techniques, sound and movement to channel spirit and connect to the Otherworld. Most of the time you will find me in my little cottage with my husband, usually eating something tasty or drinking a good cuppa. Otherwise, I will be trudging through hill and dale in the sometimes-bleak but always beautiful English countryside that surrounds me.


A poet by nature, I write on themes of wildness, womanhood, paganism and magic. My debut collection, Wise Woman/ Mad Woman, will be available soon. I am currently planning my first work of non-fiction. I hold a BA and MA in creative writing, and plan on beginning my PhD within the year, within which I will write my first novel.