Why Tarot?

Tarot is a transformative tool which allows you to see your situation from another perspective, and glean a clarity that is difficult to achieve by other means. Whether you believe that it is a divine hand guiding the cards, or you approach it from a purely psychological standpoint, there is no doubt that tarot can help you to sift through the BS and pinpoint exactly what needs to be done. Tarot can help you to plan your next move, can help you decide between varying options, as well as many other eclectic uses.

Tarot has been my constant companion as I have navigated study, jobs, relationships and more, always providing insights and hints that have made my journey a little bit smoother. Tarot is not there to hold your hand, though. Think of it as an older sibling or parent, who will be the first tell you when you’ve messed up, or warn you when you’re about to make a bad decision but will give you sage advice and encouragement that you ultimately cherish.

The messages of the tarot can be complex, which is why I offer my readings in video format so that you can re-watch them whenever you like. Click here to book with me.