The Sun Spread

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
― Helen Keller

Welcome the Sun Spread!

Renew your faith in joy with the Sun Spread. In this spread we will be looking at what brings you joy, blocks to joy and how to overcome them, what to focus on and advice for achieving lasting joy!

Let the wisdom of the Sun inject joy into your life today!

Upon Payment of your order, please send me a message to state whether you would like a video reading or a word document, and a paragraph explaining your current question or situation that I can help you with. If it is a non-specific reading, just a bit about yourself and your life is fine! Blessed be )0(

Wild Unknown Tarot

This spread is inspired by the life-giving sun. The sun has been worshipped by many cultures for so many years, and with good reason! It gives us warmth, food, and life. The sun is synonymous with feelings of joy, and its presence is well known to increase moods, with cases of seasonal depression being way more prevalent in the darker winter months. If you would like to take some advice from our beautiful Sun and let Joy flow, I can help you with that today!