Why Witchcraft?

Like many people, the craft called to me when I was navigating a desperate and very dark time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that witchcraft saved my life. I began as an eclectic pagan, following the cycles of the year and regarding nature as sacred. I then cast my first spell. I immediately fell in love with the craft and I continued to study and hone my skills in the years that followed. I craft spells, blending folk and ceremonial magic with meditation techniques, sound and movement to channel spirit and connect to the Otherworld.

The notion of the Otherworld is a pre-Christian belief, where creatures from the Otherworld could be to blame for illness, and spells were created to banish them back to their own world. Creatures from the Otherworld can also help, offering advice and help in the material world.

The Otherworld exists in parallel to ours, and within it resides ‘gods,
demons, the dead, fabulous beings, celestial happiness, inhuman tortures,
unknown spirits, and modes of life and, on the whole, everything that is not of
This World’ (Jens Peter Schjodt, Initiation between two worlds, 2008.)

I believe that the Otherworld accounts for all of human imagination. You can access the Otherworld through meditation, chanting and movement, through Jung’s concept of ‘active imagination’ or astral travel, we can access it and reap all sorts of benefits. However, sometimes the Otherworld will come to you in the form of visions, ghost or faerie sightings, and other ‘supernatural’ occurrences.

I also practice devotional magic through writing, marking certain deities, archetypes and moon and yearly cycles with a dedicated poem.

It is worth mentioning the old adage ‘ask 100 witches what witchcraft is, and you’ll get 100 different answers.’ This is just my own personal practices and beliefs, and should be taken as such. However, if you are interested in the craft but don’t know where to begin, you can always book a reading with me and I would be more than happy to help!